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What is endodontic treatment?

“Endo” is the Greek word for “inside” and “odont” is Greek for “tooth.”  Endodontic therapy/treatment treats the infection/inflammation inside the tooth.  It is commonly known as “root canal”.  When pulp, soft tissue inside the root canal, becomes inflamed or infected, endodontic treatment is necessary.  If the tooth is left untreated, this will lead to abscess in the surrounding bone.  Endodontic treatment removes inflamed/infected pulp and disinfects the canals.
What are the Causes?
Endodontic inflammation and/or infection are mostly due to “wear and tear (chips and cracks)", decay, dental procedures, leaky filling or crowns (caps), trauma, etc.
What are the signs that one needs endodontic treatment?
Most of the time, there are various degrees of signs and symptoms such as discomfort to cold, hot, or chewing, swelling, drainage, tenderness in the lymph nodes, unpleasant odor, or taste.  Even though everyone will experience pain eventually, not everyone starts to have symptoms right away.
Endodontic Treatment 1 — Endodontic Referral in Mullica Hill, NJ
Endodontic Treatment 1 — Endodontic Referral in Mullica Hill, NJ
Can a tooth need additional procedures after endodontic treatment is completed?
Yes.  Success rate of endodontic treatment is about 90 %.  This means, 10 % of the properly treated and maintained cases will need additional treatment.  This is called retreatment*(repeated endodontic treatment).  A surgical procedure is called apicoectomy*.  If the tooth is not maintained well allowing bacterial entry into the tooth, there will be re-infection.  This will warrant additional treatment.
Additional Information:
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